Marriage Preparation Group

This group consists of a number of married couples who, with Monsignor Duffy, provide a workshop to engaged couples as part of their preparation for marriage. In 2004, 9 couples attended. In their time together, usually on a Sunday from around 12 noon—6 p.m., various issues involved in marriage are reflected upon. These include God, faith, sexuality, money, and communications skills, all of which affect a married relationship.

The subjects are discussed in a light and informal manner, led off by the married couples speaking from their own experience of married life. The couples then spend time together reflecting upon and discussing what they have heard. This is possibly the most important part of the day, the couples spending time together reflecting on their future marriage.

The day ends with a tour of the Church building, which gives an opportunity to highlight Catholic Church teaching and traditions for both those who are not Catholics and those who are. Despite an initial fear or reluctance to attend such an event, the general feedback from the couples is that they have found it both useful and informative.